Feeling like you just need some time out and to let go of the stresses and strains we face daily?

Need some rebalancing in life?

Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing hollistic energy healing treatment which can be enjoyed by everyone. The word Reiki means “universal life force energy”. This energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If this energy becomes low, or blocked it can lead us to feel stress more esily or to become ill. Reiki can help by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. The Reiki energy is channelled out through the therapist’s hands and into the client’s body. The energy will flow to where it is most needed and may be felt as warmth or tingling. The energy will adapt to the natural requirements of the client.

Reiki creates a feeling of peace, calm and relaxation and simultaneously promoting and stimulating the body’s own healing on every level. It works to restore the body back to health as well as healing emotional issues thus leaving the mind, body and soul balanced.

Reiki is a very gentle treatment, though is capable of leaving deep and lasting effects. Reiki guides and supports us to make those positive choices we want to make in life, such as the right diet, self care, but often find ourselves struggling to do.

The treatment is carried out on a treatment couch with the client fully clothed. It is a safe and gentle hands on (or off) healing technique ideal for everyone from the newborn to the elderly and every state of health, shape and size in between.

Reiki works well alongside othodox medical treatments and is suitable for all ages and almost all situations. I say almost as, for example, broken bones must be set first by a medic before recieving Reiki.

Having regular Reiki treatments may help you experience an enhanced  everyday life where you are able to deal with everything you encounter more calmly and peacefully.

Fees: £50 per hour


Transformational Tutoring


Improving self confidence.

Resolving negative emotional issues.

Tutoring for primary school children in most subjects.

Creative writing.

Is your child suffering at school? Is this current education system stiffling them? Restricting their creativity? Do they need a bit of extra help generally or in preparation for SATS? Would they just love to write but don’t want to have to tick all the boxes needed in school?


I started teaching in primary schools in 1996 and have since worked throughout the primary age range. I also have two teenage sons and have watched their education carefully. I have seen how much stress today’s education is bring our young people. How  lacking it can be in creativity. How it can crush who a person if they are deemed not up to standard in maths and English. I am here to help.


I will work with your child in a way which suits them, bringing in their hobbies and interests while covering what they ‘need’ for school.


I can use BWRT® to help remove any blocks the student may have picked up by feeling not good enough at school, or not as good as others or just plain stressed by all the assessment they have to go through these days. BWRT® is amazing for eradicating fear and anxiety leading up to exams. Or maybe your child is worried about moving school and would like to feel calmer and more positive about this huge step.


The first session working with a child will be an informal session where we get to know each other. It is imperative that your child feels happy and secure and has time to build up trust. I have always said that an unhappy child will never achieve their best.


As I am still doing some teaching in school I am fully police checked.


I work from my home or online. Different things work for different children. Some work better in their home environment while others prefer the security of home.


Fees: £50 per hour

Learn to love yourself again

Be the star you are

Get rid of negative thoughts

Free your amazing mind