Arachnophobia? Spider fears in Dorset?

Do you suffer from arachnophobia? Do you have spider fears and are in Dorset, or anywhere else in the world? No matter where you are in the world, there are probably spiders and where there are spiders there are people suffering with an innate loathing and fear of these eight legged creatures. Did you know that even in the Arctic there are about 100 species of spider? In the UK there are approximately 650 and worldwide there are around 35,000 named species of spider.

They are useful creatures who catch annoying insects like flies and mosquitoes. The majority of venemous spiders have venom which is too weak to harm humans and that’s if their fangs can get through our skin in the first place. We know this, right? Yet arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias around. One source states that around 40% of all phobias is related to bugs.

Do you go out of your way to make sure you never meet a spider? Do spiders make you scream and run away or even more, run out of your house? Similarly, do you stay out of a certain room until you can get someone to remove the offending arachnid? I used to do all of those as a child. I loathed spiders and was terrified of them. Then as a teen and young adult I would kill any I came across inside regardless of how big or small they were (sorry spiders!). Now I leave some alone and relocate the larger ones with the aid of a glass and postcard, or similar.


What is your favourite time of year? I love Spring and not because it is when spiders start to head outside again after the winter. Do you dread Autumn when the spiders start to head indoors out of cooling weather. Who can blame them looking for a warmer home due to cold weather conditions? As a result of this immigration some have their homes turned from cozy comfortable homes to houses of horror with the possibility of spiders hiding in crevices, under or behind furniture and certainly in dark corners. They just want to be left alone to build their own homes and catch those pesky, sometimes disease spreading, insects. It certainly doesn’t feel like that for arachnophobia sufferers does it. It can be a time of increased blood pressure and pounding hearts as you check under the bed each night.

Safe in the UK?

In the UK we are lucky not to have to worry about being constantly near deadly spiders. In fact it sometimes seems like those who live near these deadly spiders have a lower rate of fear than we do. We remind ourselves that the spiders are more afraid of us than we are of them and likewise we know they are useful but this rationalising doesn’t help with those experiencing this extreme fear of spiders. As a result, many people would rather suffer the consequences of flies and mosquitoes etc than have a couple of spiders living in their home.

Origins of arachnophobia

I will leave you to choose which makes more sense to you here. There are various theories as to the origins of arachnophobia, all of which could be true. One tells of a plague of spiders in Jesus Christ’s time resulting in an area being evacuated. Another is evolutionary survival instincts from poisonous species (though as was pointed out, there were bigger more immediately threatening animals to deal with). A further theory is that it stems from a direct experience with them thus conditioning you to be frightened of them. One source says it is even in our DNA to be frightened of all arachnids. Furthermore there is learned behaviour – fears passed on from family members. Finally there are the scare tactics – films such as Arachnophobia aimed at scaring us (though some so called horror films can be more on the amusing side as they are so over the top).

A solution for arachnophobia, fear of spiders in Dorset, or anywhere in the world.

Yes we should all be aware of the potential dangers of bug bites. While for some bites are minimal and just leave a small itchy annoying mark, others can react hugely to the bites. If in doubt always get a bite checked out by a nurse, a doctor, a homeopath – someone qualified.

What we don’t need to do is to live with debilitating fear of spiders and that is where Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) can help. This is a down to earth, logical, effective therapy for most mind issues. It works with the neural pathways, taking the fear and replacing with how you would rather feel. You may want to become best friends with spiders or you may want to just be able to feel comfortable around them. This part is your choice. With BWRT® the client is in charge. It is a non hypnosis therapy so you remain alert and in charge throughout. To find out more please go to and also and then feel free to make a free initial appointment with me for a chat  (face to face in person or online) about how to help at